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Dagoma - Printer 3D Magis

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The Magis of Dagoma has been thought through and made to be accessible to all. With this 3D printer you do not need any technical skills to get started.

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The 3D printer is the simplest !

You who already see where you are going to put your figurine of a famous green hero in anger. You who promised to repair the furniture of the entrance tomorrow ... for 3 months. You who are looking to redo your decor without breaking the bank and spending hours in the shops. You dream of offering unique jewelry to your beloved (and make all his friends jealous). To you who will give life to your dreams.

The Dagoma brand has reworked the simplest 3D printer in the world to make it even more powerful, smarter, more elegant. And of course, it is still designed and manufactured in France.

We present you the Magis.

His intelligence lies in his ease.

Familiar gestures make it as natural as intuitive. Once you have inserted the SD card with your prepared 3D model, press the single button and watch the magic operate.

You want to change filament during printing? No problem. The world's tap tap function (we've checked) allows you to do it with two quick taps on the board.

Designed and manufactured in France, it uses biobased filaments

All Dagoma 3D printers have been thought through and made in Roubaix. They are proud to represent French innovation, as evidenced by the various awards received in 2017, such as the French Tech Pass, which recognizes the most promising French start-ups.

One of their other priorities is to be able to create and share in respect of the environment. This is why they use PLA filaments produced from corn starch. Yes, they work perfectly with their machines. No, it does not smell like popcorn when it's hot.

Magis is self-regulating. No complex manipulations. Plug in, it's ready !

You will impress

New electronic components improve strength and accuracy for prints up to 100 microns.

It is reinforced and simplified with a new shielded fan, protected from magnetic disturbances. This allows an ultra fast assembly of the machine in less than a minute.

New Buildtak grip surface for printing even upside down. We do not know yet what's the point but it's possible.

A concentrate of innovations at 270 ° C.

We improved its performance so that the quality of your prints is always better. Dagoma has (again) simplified its use so that it is accessible to all, from the beginner to the most experienced. They are proud to present you with a machine with even more robust components for a truly incomparable experience.

Expand horizons, play with materials and colors

Un extrudeur entièrement redessiné vient faciliter l’usage de filaments flexibles.

Its new filament detection system gives you a foolproof confidence with more than 1,150,000 passes (500,000 filament change) as a result without errors.

The insertion and the ejection of filaments are carried out automatically to let you have fun. Go green. Then to blue. Then red. Then to the wood.

Main Features :

    • Print technology: FDM
    • Max printing temperature: 270 ° C
    • Print nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
    • Standard mini layer height: 100 microns
    • Calibration Machine: automatic
    • Flexible filaments: optimized
    • Pause function: yes
    • Fine filament detection: optimized detector
    • Operating temperature: 18-28 ° C
    • Technology: Delta
    • Montage / Plug & Play: yes
    • External dimensions machines: 305x275x535 (inscribed in a paver)
    • Precision in X / Y: 50 microns
    • Electronic board: MKS N01 - by Dagoma
    • File type: STL, OBJ
    • Slicer : Cura By Dagoma
    • Axis drive: belt
    • Print volume: D180 x 200 mm
    • Diameter of the filament: 1.75mm
    • Print speed: 30 to 100 mm / s
    • Tolerances in X / Y: (+/-) 0.2mm
    • Filament insertion: automatic
    • Print color: multicolour per layer (single extrusion)
    • Stop & Go: yes
    • Fan speed (rpm): 11,000
    • Ambient temperature: 0-35 ° C
    • Assembly Kit: no ultra fast assembly
    • Weight of the printer: 4.3 kg
    • Compatibility filament: flexible
    • Precision Z: 12.5 microns
    • Surface grip: Buildtak
    • USB printing: yes
    • Operating System: Windows Mac OS Linux
    • Compatible Software: Any software that generates a .STL file (Solidworks, Rhino, Tinkercad, Blender, ...)
Data sheet
PoidsWeight of the printer: 4.3 kg
DIMENSONPrint volume: D180 x 200 mm
Dans la boiteMagnetic arms, power supply, wire sample, SD card, SD adapter, isopropyl wipe, USB cable, spatula
CompatibilitéCompatible Software: Any software that generates a .STL file (Solidworks, Rhino, Tinkercad, Blender, ...)
made inFrance - Roubaix
favalPrint nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
conseils d'utilisation(For more feature, look at the product sheet or document to download)
Température supportéeMax printing temperature: 270 ° C Operating temperature: 18-28 ° C Ambient temperature: 0-35 ° C
DiamètreDiameter of the filament: 1.75mm

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