Volume adjustable earplugs with clear, safe sound


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Control noise pollution with DBud, new generation ear plugs with adjustable volume

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Volume adjustable earplugs

Noise pollution is a global and rapidly growing issue. Consistent elevated sound levels, whether at work or in your free time, can cause problems like hearing impairment, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, annoyance and sleep disturbance. Add to that constant headphone listening, often at levels set to exceed the noises around you, and it's no wonder as many as one billion young people worldwide are at risk of hearing loss.

Clear, safe and sound

Featuring an advanced acoustic filter and volume slider, dBud is an ear plug designed to protect your ears from harmful noise while giving you a crisper, clearer listening experience. With the slide of a button you can adjust the amount of decibels you want to filter out, allowing you to set the 

Eliminate noise pollution

appropriate sound level for your environment. dBud simply brings you clear, safe sound!

Enhances human speech - dBud is designed to preserve frequencies around human speech, 2-4kHz, which means that even in noisy environments you’ll be able to hear and communicate more clearly with people around you.



  • Advanced acoustic filtering
  • Adjustable volume - 2 step slider
  • 3 set of silicon and foam earbuds -maximizing the perfect fit
  • Optional leach -securing your dBud around your neck
  • Made in Sweden
Data sheet
PropriétésAdvanced acoustic filtering
Dans la boite3 ensembles d'écouteurs en silicone et mousse mémoire de forme - maximisant un ajustement optimal
made inSweden
RemarqueOptional cord - securing your dBud around your neck
Remarque 23 sets of silicone and foam earbuds - maximizing the perfect fit
AudioAdjustable volume - two-position slider
Filtreréduction de bruit: 11 db - 24 db

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