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BOBOVR Z4 Virtual Reality Headset

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Bobo VR Z4 is a virtual reality headset with built-in headphones that works with your smartphone

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Virtual reality at your fingertips

The Z4 is compatible with Android and IOS systems. Just plug in your smartphone to find you in a private movie theater. Thanks to this helmet you will be able to travel anywhere, to explore several universes while staying at home like going to the conquest of the space while going on the moon, to visit the Forbidden City, to admire a sunset by the sea , explore Jurassic Park or test roller coaster ...

Enjoy a 120 ° field of view

The Z4's PMMA lens gives you extremely short focal length, giving you a 120 ° wide viewing angle. The helmet is compatible with a hyperopia of 600 to 200 degrees it is possible to adjust to the vision with a distance adjustment of 60-72mm.

Enjoy an immersive sound

Without sound the virtual reality would be incomplete, it is thanks to the sound that allows you to project totally into another world, which is why the Z4 helmet is equipped with a soundproof headphones with high basses.

Helmet design

The Z4 is a very complete helmet that stays light, comfortable and easy to use. The opening button to insert the phone opens at 35 ° to prevent falling of the device, a support is present to prevent your smartphone from shaking.

Several parts are padded to maximize comfort and protect the screen of your smartphone.


  • Size: 71 x 71 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Integrated helmet
  • Retractable
  • adjustable
  • Foam protection
Data sheet
Poids0.08lbs / 40g
DIMENSON240mm (width) x 114mm (height)
CompatibilitéAndroid & iOS
RemarqueEcouteurs intégrés
Champ de vision120°

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