The first redesigned anti-pollution mask !

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WAIR One is the first redesigned anti-pollution mask. It's a lifestyle accessory that you will not be afraid to wear to protect you against pollution !

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Why WAIR is a real innovation ?

WAIR is the first anti-pollution scarf mask. It is a lifestyle accessory, which you will not be afraid to wear to help you (effectively) against air pollution. Its flexible silicone contour structure guarantees a real airtightness. The filter blocks the finest particles. And the scarf becomes an extension of your refined style. All in an eco-responsible way. No more excuses for not protecting you.

The scarf

The WAIR One scarves are 100% made of Oekotex cotton, and the straps of this anti-pollution mask are made of polyamide and elestane fibers certified Oekotex too.

They are made in France and more precisely in the region of Lyon.

Our structure is available in a unique size that fits all (except children). An exhalation valve is integrated to make sure you extract humid air while you keep breathing some clean one. You have to change your WAIR filter every month to keep the efficiency as high as promised.

The WAIR filter changes every 2 to 4 weeks for optimal efficiency.

It protects you from tiny particles until PM0,1, bacteria and pollen.

The filter

The filtration of your WAIR redesign mask is really effective.

The sealing is ensured by the structure and the morphological edge. The filtration is ensured by the WAIR filters. They are made of active carbon and polypropylene, which are active materials.

The physical properties of each component of the filter ables to filter the tiniest particles that you can find in the air pollution, like PM10, PM2,5 or PM0,1.

Particles with bigger diameter, like dust or pollen, are also stopped.

The WAIR filters stop 90% minimum of the air pollution, and are very breathable, to make sure it is confortable to wear while riding a bike.

The active materials efficiency decreases after a month. This is why we want you to change them every month, to keep the high efficiency promised. If you wear it, or not. If you store your filter, and as long as you have not opened the hermetic bag, you can keep the filter as long as mentioned on the pack (2 years).

In your order you will find :

  • 1 scarf in Oekotex cotton in the color you chose
  • 1 morphological structure
  • 1 extra filter
  • 1 carry bag
  • 1 instruction for use
  • Weight: 90g (scarf + structure)
  • The SUPAIRMAN by WAIR app is also available for free on IOS and Android to inform you about air quality around you !
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PoidsPoids: 90g (textile + structure)

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